Friday, April 3, 2009

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with the Microcontroller 2

Accurate Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Project


This paper introduces a different approach to
the measurement of the time-of-flight of ultrasonic signals.
Frequency variation monitoring and recording is used to
determine accurately the arrival time of the ultrasonic signal.
A high speed Digital Signal Processor (D.S.P.) is used for
both: transmission and direct measurement of the frequency
of the incoming signal in every single period and with an
accuracy of about 0.1%. The proposed configuration offers
small size and low cost solution to displacement
measurements with a remarkable performance in terms of
accuracy, range and measurement time.

The configuration of the proposed system is based on the
capabilities of accurate time measurement of modern microcontrollers.
The usual series of microcontrollers can not be
used in this application mainly because of their relatively
low frequency of operation (clock frequency) which affects
the accuracy of time measurement within one single period.
They can not offer the required fast and accurate frequency
measurement. A high performance system may therefore be
built only on a more powerful microcontroller. Larger
systems (personal computer type, etc) are avoided for
practical reasons; the overall measurement system should be
cost-effective and small sized.

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An Ultrasonic/Optical Pulse Sensor for
Precise Distance Measurements Project

- Develop an ultrasonic transit time distance sensor with an
optical sync signal
- Demonstrate a pulse cancellation technique for shaping
transmitted and received ultrasonic pulses.

System Block Diagram

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