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How the Thermal Imager Works and Thermal Imaging Buyers Guide

Thermal Imaging - Here's how it works:

A special lens focuses the infrared light emitted by all of the objects in view.
The focused light is scanned by a phased array of infrared-detector elements. The detector elements create a very detailed temperature pattern called a thermogram. It only takes about one-thirtieth of a second for the detector array to obtain the temperature information to make the thermogram. This information is obtained from several thousand points in the field of view of the detector array. 

The thermogram created by the detector elements is translated into electric impulses.
The impulses are sent to a signal-processing unit, a circuit board with a dedicated chip that translates the information from the elements into data for the display.
The signal-processing unit sends the information to the display, where it appears as various colors depending on the intensity of the infrared emission. The combination of all the impulses from all of the elements creates the image. 

How the Wahl Thermal Imager Works
Thermal Imaging is a technique for creating an image of a scene based on the invisible thermal radiation emitted from an object. Using this technology, thermal images of faults in mechanical or electrical plant can be displayed.

Thermal imaging can be used in any process where the temperature of the object gives an indication of its state not visible to the eye. For example, a loose electrical connection or a worn bearing will heat up. These defects can be seen with a thermal imager as a 'hot spot'.

The ability to measure the temperature of an overheating component enables the operator to determine the seriousness of the fault, and take corrective action before costly breakdown occurs.

How to Purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera
Interested in buying an infrared thermal imaging camera but not sure where to start or what to look for when purchasing? Perhaps you want to start an infrared inspection business or need information for purchasing a thermal imaging camera for research, process control, medical, electrical, or other applications?

Many factors should be weighed when purchasing an infrared thermal imaging camera. This guide goes over some of the basic factors to be considered as well as tips to purchasing the correct thermal camera for your application.

Thermal Imaging Buyers Guide Contents
1. General Information
2. Qualitative or Qualitative?
3. Portable, Fix Mounted, or Pan and Tilt Thermal Imaging Unit?
4. Ensure the software has the functions neccessary for your applicaiton.
5. Ensure the thermal camera has the built-in features needed for your application.
6. Other Considerations and helpful tips.

Fluke Ti32 Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager Thermography
The first affordable 320 x 240 resolution infrared thermal imager that's rugged enough to withstand a 6.5 foot drop. IR-Fusion® and SmartView® analyzing and reporting software included

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ti32 Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager Data and Feature

Fluke Ti32 Industrial-Commercial Thermal Imager

The new Fluke Ti32 combines a powerful 320x240 sensor into the award winning, rugged design of the Ti25 and Ti10, delivering the first industrial grade, high performance thermal imager for industrial and electrical applications. The result is strikingly crisp, detailed images that, blended with our patented IR-Fusion®, are sure to make a lasting impression. For added versatility and special applications, the Ti32 includes two field-swappable, rechargeable batteries. Use the optional telephoto and wide-angle lenses to bring distant and wide views into sharp focus.

Fluke Ti32 Thermal Imager Review
Michael Stuart from Fluke talks to Bettina Chang about advances in the newest series of thermal imaging devices, and how those can be put to work in a wide variety of maintenance and diagnostic

Fluke Ti32 Description
The first affordable 320 x 240 resolution infrared thermal imager that's rugged enough to withstand a 6.5 foot drop. IR-Fusion® and SmartView® analyzing and reporting software included with every model. Clear, crisp images find problems fast.
Optional wide-angle and telephoto lenses also available.
See how to increase the safety and speed of electrical thermography with IR Windows.

Fluke Ti32 Feature
Easy to use
• Field replaceable batteries give you maximum flexibility no matter where your work takes you.
• Intuitive, three-button menu is easy to use—simply navigate with the push of a thumb.
• No need to carry pen and paper—record findings by speaking into the imager. Voice annotations can be recorded with every image you take. Voice comments are saved along with individual images for future reference.
• One-handed focus capability, emissivity correction, reflected background temperature compensation, and transmission correction increase the accuracy of measurements in most situations.
• Adjustable hand strap for left-or right-handed use.
• Everything needed to get started is included.

Superior image quality
• Delivers the clear, crisp images needed to find problems fast with its 320x240 sensor.
• Identify even the smallest temperature differences that could indicate problems with industry-leading thermal sensitivity (NETD).
• Automatic alignment (parallax correction) of visual and infrared images with Fluke patented IR-Fusion®
• Optional telephoto and wide angle lenses available for added versatility and special applications. (easily installable in the field)

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