Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Laser Distance Sensors Device

LDM 41 A / LDM 42 A
Laser Distance Sensors
- Measurement of distance and position
- Diameter measurement of rolls / coils
- Level measurement
- Position control
- Security application
- Observing and measurement for elevators
- Position measurement for cranes and conveyors

The LDM 41/42 A is a opto-electronic distance sensor for industrial
application, like distance and position measurement without use of
special reflectors. The target could be nearly any kind of natural
surface.The sensor works based on comparative phase
measurement. It emits modulated Laser light which is diffusely
reflected back from the target with a certain shift in phase to be
compared with a reference signal. From the amount of phase shift
a required distance can then be determined with millimeter accuracy.
A visible red Laser beam enables easier sighting. The LDM 42 A is
designed for fast measurement on white target

- millimetre precise measurement at various surfaces (LDM 42 A
only for white surface)
- long range reflector-less distance measurement, with additional
reflectors on the object over 100m with additional reflectors
mounted onto target
- high availability under in the high temperature area with high precision
- big supply voltage range 10 V until 30 V DC
- risk less use because of laser class 2
- simple alignment with a visible laser class
- bi-directional data-interface, switching and analogue output
- simple setup for parameter with a PC or laptop
- measured values are displayed in meters, decimetre, centimetre,
feet, inch etc. due to free scaling
- stable and simple to installing housing with protection IP 65
- Profibus DP via UNIGATE Gateway

LDM 301 A
Laser Distance Measurement Sensor


Equipment and performance features of the LDM 301 warrant
multiple possibilities of application in industrial environments

- Process monitoring in steel works and rolling mills
- Fill-level measurement
- Positioning of cranes, loading and handling equipment
- Measurement of points that cannot be accessed, for example, inside of cavities, tubes or containers
- Position monitoring of vehicles or ships

The new LDM 301 Laser distance sensor measures distance
and speed of natural targets without a reflector. A reflector can
be used for increasing the measuring range. The sensor needs
only a very short time to measure; it facilitates distance
measurement to or from moving objects. The laser pulse's
time-of-flight measurement principle which it uses is specifically
suitable where great distances have to be measured and for
applications in harsh industrial environments.

With the compact design shape, simple setup and configured with
standard interfacing facilities, the LDM 301 can easily be installed.
For interfacing an analogue output, 2 digital outputs and a serial
interface RS232 or RS422 are available.

Standard LDM 301 delivery includes integral heating, a status
display and a red Laser pointer. A modular setup allows for easy
complementation with accessories or special models as may be
required in particular applications

- Broad working range
- Great reach, also without reflectors
- Very short times to measure
- Laser class 1
- Programmable serial, digital and analogue outputs
-- Allows synchronization with external devices
- Compact design shape, IP67 protection
- Integrated red Pilot Laser, optionally telescope sign for alignment
- Easy to install and operate


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