Monday, April 6, 2009

Industrial Distance Sensor Device

Distance Sensor Model SR50

The SR50 is a rugged, acoustic distance sensor that is manufactured
by Campbell Scientific Canada. It measures the elapsed
time between emission and return of an ultrasonic pulse. This
measurement can be used to determine snow or water depth.
An air temperature measurement is required to correct for
variations of the speed of sound in air.

The SR50 was designed to meet the stringent requirements of
measuring depths and uses a multiple echo processing algorithm
to help ensure measurement reliability.
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Analog inductive distance sensor

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Analog inductive distance sensor
The analogue inductive sensor contains an oscillator circuit, which
consists of a parallel resonant circuit with coil and capacitor as
well as an amplifier. The electromagnetic field is directed outwardly
by means of a ferrite shell core. If an electrically conductive material
is introduced into the active zone of the stray field, eddy currents are
induced into the material according to the laws of inductance, which
attenuate oscillation. Attenuation of the oscillator varies according to
the conductivity, permeability, dimensions and proximity of the
conductive object. The output signal, within a defined range, is
proportional to the distance between workpiece and sensor if the
workpiece material and dimensions remain unchanged.

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S80 Laser Distance Sensor

The S80 series, in a compact sturdy metal housing, offers an
innovative class 2 laser distance sensor with time-of-flight
measurement. This technology, based on the measurement of
the time between the emission and receipt of the laser light
pulses, ensures accurate distance detection.
The sensors function from 0.3 to 7m, within an adjustable range,
in positioning or detection applications, such as double-threshold
background suppression over long distances. All models have
two outputs, available in both the NPN and PNP models, that can
be set at different distances. While the measurement value is a
4-20mA analog output and RS485 serial interface; the latter can
be also used to set all the sensor parameters.
In addition, the S80 series offers the option to adjust the 4-20 mA
analog output. This feature allows the minimum and maximum values
of the operating distance to be set and linked to the minimum and
maximum current. A 4-digit display shows the distance, as well as
the parameters that can be set using the three buttons.

Common Applications

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